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Cancellation policy, accesses and uses MYF

Cancellations and refund

Tickets are transferable but returns are not accepted. No refunds will be made for canceled or non-punctual sessions.


Conference cancellation

The MYF- Mallorca Yoga Festival Association maintains a fundamental right to cancel the event. In the event of total cancellation of MYF, participants will be fully reimbursed, except for 10% of administration costs. Participants will not have the right to claim additional compensation or reparations. All announced artists and instructors have confirmed their presence at MYF but acts and times are subject to change without notice. Changes to the program will have no effect on the cancellation policy.

Early arrival

The registration table will be open every day one hour before the start of the first session. We recommend arriving early so that you can register and go to the session on time. Photograph or passport will be necessary to receive your bracelet. Lost or stolen bracelet will not be replaced.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation and meals are not included. MYF has a stand area with various options for vegetarian menus.


Yoga accessories

MYF is not responsible for providing yoga mats and accessories. Participants have the option to buy all kinds of accessories from MYF Stands.


All physical practice involves a certain risk of injury. MYF participants agree to be part of this event fully aware of their safety. MYF, the organizational team, volunteers and all the speakers are totally exempt from responsibility.

Rights and permissions

MYF maintains the rights for all photographs, audio and video recordings made throughout the 3 days of the event. To avoid distractions during the sessions, participants will not be able to register or take photographs.

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